The Big C

Follow this special category if you want to find all the posts about my journey through pancreatic cancer. I found out about it in July 2018 due to an onset of jaundice. The tumor had grown to the point where it pinched my bile duct, and if there’s no bile draining from the liver, some stuff called bilirubin ends up in the blood stream. It made me all yellow, even the whites of my eyes. It’s ironic; jaundice allowed us to catch the cancer at a relatively early stage, so all in all, I’m grateful for getting jaundiced. Ain’t life weird?


Very Quick Update

I think the closest set of symptoms that describes what I’m experiencing is “POTS” (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) I’m not married to it but it describes most of my symptoms. Cannot stand up unsupported more than 10 minutes Exhausted by trivial things like walking to the top of the stairs. I can do it but […]

Maybe We’ll Know More On Monday

I had a “CT guided retroperitoneal biopsy” on Tuesday to try and get a handle on what is going on in my gut. As the doctor who was doing it told me, when consulting with my oncologist they could see “streaks” of bio-active areas in my PET scan which are suspicious so they correlated their […]