Software Testing

Yeah, Starliner failed, but that’s what’s supposed to happen before using it

Boeing and NASA are going to run a full code review on the “Starliner” after uncovering some terrifying embedded problems with the spacecraft’s operational code. Most people tend to think of code as some monolithic thing, put together by a sharp team whose embers know what each other is doing. Nothing could be further from […]

It’s Good To Hear “No” In Business and Tech

Wait, what? Did you hear a “No” in your group? Is that person saying “no” a negative person who will drag the rest of your team down and infect them with doubt? Maybe your team will turn on that person, and burn them out of the picture. It happens all the time. Lots of leaders refuse […]

Testing? What? Why?

There’s a lot of opinion out there that software testing is a dying practice and for many, needs to go. Folks with that opinion cite reasons like, “it’s obstructive”, it’s too expensive”, “Testing doesn’t find enough bugs to justify its use”, etc. I have to say that having seen many shops and how they test, […]