My Cancer Journey

Welcome to my unwelcome but immensely perspective-building journal about my pancreatic cancer experience. This all started in earnest at the start of August 2018, and I expect the worst of it will be done by next spring. It’s Stage II.a or b, “resectable” meaning it’s likely that the tumor can be taken out surgically. I never had a clue about it forming in there until I came down with serious jaundice.

I’m still at work and will probably continue being a good wage earner with sporadic outages as my treatment progresses. Let’s hear it for the Family Leave and Medical Act, which became law in 1993!! I don’t think such a thing would even pass in today’s political climate, where instead of being US Citizens, Republicans are simply pandering to the ultra-wealthy and the people in their thrall; the fear-laden, magic-believing evangelicals, racists, and mentally defective incels.

That brings me to the point where I really have to point out how lucky or blessed I really am. The stuff in these pages cost major dollars, and because of my insurance I got a case set up relatively fast. In today’s America, your ability to pay is paramount. From my utterances above you’d prolly guess that I believe in universal healthcare in a single payer system. You would be right. You would be so very right.

I also have an extraordinary amount of support in my sweetie Melissa, my close friends, my professional & activity friends, heck even folks I see when walking the dogs. Finally, I’m in otherwise pretty good health and staying stimulated and engaged with everyone around me and even my work. This blog is not intended as a sob song. This is just information for any of you who are interested.

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