3rd Cycle, 1st Infusion – November 15, 2018

OK, so Here we go on a new phase for my chemo treatments! This is the alternation that is the key for the research study I’m part of. This Thursday I had the first of 4 infusions over the next 8 weeks, of Nanaoliposomal Irinotecan with Leucovorin (reduced folinic acid) at my chair, and then […]

2nd Cycle, 3rd Infusion – November 1, 2018

Well that’s it for these last 2 cycles of chemo! I got my last infusion of this stuff on Thursday as usual, no surprises. My oncologist was happy to see me but confessed that he was not pleased that the Red Sox won the World Series this year. He’s an adamant Yankees fan, just like […]

It’s a Day or Two Later Now….

We just got home from the Environmental Portraiture seminar with Rick Dahms. I am really, really glad to have been able to participate in that. It was very useful and informative. Rick is cool, and our other 2 fellow participants were great to be with too. It wasn’t just technical information, although that in itself […]

2nd Cycle, 2nd Infusion – October 25, 2018

Today I’m writing from the hospital, waiting to get my infusion. I’m trying out a new bluetooth keyboard, which is infinitely superior to any virtual keyboard I’ve ever had to use. The other reason I’m writing now is because I forgot to tell you all that the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is having a walkathon […]

2nd Cycle, 1st Infusion – October 18, 2018

I had the previous week off. It was a welcome break and some relatively minor side effects continued well into the 9th -10th day after that last infusion. Biggest new thing is that my beard and mustache hair got so thin that I decided just to shave it all off. I’m smooth shaven for the […]

A Week Off – No Infusion on October 11

Ahhhhh, this week has been so easy that I almost forgot to put up a post. This has been my first “week off” of chemo, so my body has been able to make proper new cells again, and repair some of the damages done by the cure. This Thursday I start back up with another […]

3rd Infusion – October 4, 2018

Not much to say about the latest infusion other than: Back up to full dose since my T-Cell count is back and no other unexpected changes from the blood tests I’m writing this on the morning after the infusion and am feeling OK. Nausea under control. Working today (Friday), ever grateful for being able to […]

The Home Front – Staying A Bit Cleaner

Dropping while blood cell counts make things a little scarier in areas of your life you maybe hadn’t kept in touch with so much in the past. My immune system is still good enough, but not with enough depth to handle a major contamination & infection as well as it has in the past. In […]

2nd Infusion – September 27, 2018

We did this one on a Thursday, much more like a “typical” chemo procedure. First, chat about the prior week with the nutritionist, the nurse, the drug trial research assistant. Symptoms? What did I eat? How’s the nausea? How’s everything “coming out”? More important questions were about my sore muscles & joints on the 3 […]

Overthinking Death – Not

I haven’t shared much here about how the very real possibility of an early death really makes me feel. It may seem that I’m holding back my true self, and you would be right, in this writing I have, so here’s a little bit more info about how I feel about all this. I went […]