2nd Infusion – September 27, 2018

We did this one on a Thursday, much more like a “typical” chemo procedure. First, chat about the prior week with the nutritionist, the nurse, the drug trial research assistant. Symptoms? What did I eat? How’s the nausea? How’s everything “coming out”? More important questions were about my sore muscles & joints on the 3 […]

Overthinking Death – Not

I haven’t shared much here about how the very real possibility of an early death really makes me feel. It may seem that I’m holding back my true self, and you would be right, in this writing I have, so here’s a little bit more info about how I feel about all this. I went […]

Mostly Recovered!

I still feel a little weird but I didn’t need any anti-nausea meds today, and have met my caloric and protein goals. Full day of working at home too, and thank you very much for a job that encourages and provides supporting services for working at home, and for broadband internet access. Ooooh yes, broadband. […]

Heh, Oops – I meant Zofran, Not Losartan

My past couple of posts really confused a friend who actually knows about this pancreatic cancer thing. I wrote that I was taking drugs for my nausea and called what I was taking “Losartan”. This is totally wrong and here’s the correction. I’ve been taking Zofran, not Losartan. Zofran is the original commercial name for […]

Oh, THIS is what it feels like…

Feel like my body is coming down with the flu, all achy and sore. I stretched out for a long time and it helped for a while. I’m up on the Losartan Zofran (AKA Ondansetron) and green, just enjoying being stupid. Time for acetaminophen. Enough energy to function, barely enough to pretty much complete whole sentences.

First Infusion – September 21, 2018

Ohhhhh the Losartan Zofran (AKA Ondansetron) is-a makin’ me wooozeeeeeeeee! I’m following strong advice to keep up with a preemptive dose of anti-nausea meds for the next couple of days. Yes, yesterday was infusion day for me, for real. Nothing to say about the bilirubin but that it was at 1.3 mg/dL on Thursday which […]

What Went On Between the Endos and the Chemo

Now that we knew what was going on the next thing was to find out how much that little bastard cancer spread out. Is it still confined to my pancreas or has it metastasized to other sites in my body? That’s how I got to meet Dr. Rocha. Melissa & I think he’s cool. His […]

Whaaaa? CANCER?????

I was visiting my family in New Jersey around the week of the 4th of July. I like spending at least 10 days while I’m there to see my Mom and my 3 sisters. Mom turned 90 this year so it was special. Her birthday is actually on the 5th of July so we get […]

If you want the Internet to “be nice” it is up to you, here’s a big reason why

In the relentless drive to cut the cost of human labor to zero, the ultimate dream of anonymous investors, online companies are working diligently to create human-like bots using neural networks to sound more convincing. At the same time, we in the great unwashed mass of humanity are insisting that our opinions are heard and […]

Yes, this site is still alive!

I just noticed that my last post was July 15, 2016, and it was a hack post to mess around with a photo gallery. Many things have changed since then, and fortunately many things remain the same. Changed: I’m moving all my photos from Flickr to SmugMug. It’s taking a while because I only loaded […]