2 Weeks and 2 Days Later…

Don’t worry, I’m feeling pretty good. I still need naps. I’m on a strong course of antibiotics and so far, no side effects. I had a blood test and a CT scan on Wednesday and the news was good on all counts. My white blood cell count is still too low but has significantly recovered […]

Nah, It Couldn’t Have Been This Easy After All….

It took me 4 days to gather the stomach to write this post. On Monday I had my every-2-month CT scan, blood test, and consult with my oncologist. The scan shows a “slight increase in prevascular soft tissue of uncertain significance”. It’s blunted a little by the observation that, “No evidence of metastatic disease is […]

At Last, A Drain-Free Existence

Hoo-RAY! The drain is gone! It was taken out at my appointment with the surgeon yesterday. This was my last consult with him and his lead team member too. I thanked them profusely, and even felt a little nostalgic. Very little nostalgic, but it was there. They did a great job. I’m feeling great, even […]

Docs, Lotsa Docs This Week

Remember in the last post how I said the new drain hurt? Well it never stopped hurting, and it was hurting in a completely different way from all the other pains that have come by to visit in the last month, like being branded from the inside out. It buried all the other pains. It […]

Oops, Recovery Not As Boring…

I went in for my tube check yesterday. That involves a CT scan, and they found a pocket that was not in communication with my drain. Guess what? I have another drain! This one hurts, which probably is to be expected because they pulled the old one out and put the new one into a […]

Recovery – Booooring!

I’ve been out of the hospital for just under 2 weeks. Every day I feel better and can see signs of improvement. I’m stronger, my incision hurts less but itches more (a sign of mending apparently), and my drain is now outputting pretty much exactly the same amount of stuff as the saline that I […]

Thinking of Tomorrow Today

It’s Sunday. I had a nice breakfast and 4 hours later I drank my 10 ounces of magnesium citrate to begin making things more hospitable for the surgeon tomorrow. God that stuff tastes bad. I put in a few hours of work today, finishing one last thing. I still have a couple of much less […]