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Software Testing

  • – A Virtual Software Environment – the global community for virtual software development and test environments. – Reliable testing oracles require data inputs that are rock solid predictable. If you are doing a lot of SOA work you really should look at this closely and carefully. It is worth every penny. To truly decouple your dev teams from relying on real service endpoints for testing you just can’t stub or mock web services. You need this. Get over it, you need this!
  • netem | The Linux Foundation. – the last time I wanted my team to test with WAN conditions we used NIST, but that’s depreciated now and this was referenced as the go-to tool. If your apps need to be reached by folks way off in the hinterlands of garbage internet quality (like anywhere in the rural USA for example) then you need to do some performance testing by running traffic through this. You will be surprised.
  • Zephyr | Flexible Test Management Software. – probably a good idea and worth the $96 per user per month if you don’t have any other case management tools and use Atlassian’s Jira tracker. If you are one of these shops I’ll bet you’ve tried using Jira’s native test tracker. You have my sympathy. Now go use this.
  • TestLink. – Then again, if you are small and just need test case tracking right now, I’d advise using something like this. It’s lightweight, sits on LAMP as well as Microsoft stacks and even I was able to set it up, dress it up and make it workable for an enterprise. If I can do it, you can too.
  • Software Testing Concepts. – A remarkably good starting place for anyone who wants to begin learning about software testing and doesn’t mind drinking from a fire hose. There is no “About” page on this site. It is registered to a gentleman in Bangalore, and I hope they keep this site alive.
  • Google Testing Blog. – Are you setting up automated testing? Do not pass Go, do not collect a hundred dollars until you have bookmarked this site and read articles for a day or two.
  • Testing Curator Blog | Where Testers find what they’re searching for! – A nicely plugged i Blog that supplies links to recent online articles about software testing, all flavors. The owner Matt Hutchinson, is also setting up a more thorough testing website at including an email newsletter which should go live pretty soon.

Leadership and Professional Ethics

Human Dynamics At Work

  • What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set? – – This is more than an article about aging or reversing it. It is also about how the context and surroundings affect your behaviors and capabilities. Think of the place you work. Is it making you sick or inspired?

Various Tech Trends

  • Boxes and Arrows. – Information Design was one of my personal hot topics back in the 1980’s & 90’s when I worked at Landmark Graphics. Now I hire Info Architects when I really need good stuff, but I still follow along with their commentary by going here.



  • 1 & 1 Hosting – These guys rock. This site is hosted on their shared hosting servers. Much better than my previous hosting provider.


  1. Roice Nelson
    January 5, 2021 @ 11:06 am

    Talking to Layton Payne this morning and he mentioned your cancer scare. Glad the news is good. Nice to reconnect.

    We stack lightning data to improve the signal and to create maps and volumes which tie subsurface geology.

    Send me your email, andn I will send you an invitation to a class I am doing later this month.


    • Geoff
      January 5, 2021 @ 3:28 pm

      It’s great to hear from you! Email is on its way today. When people ask me about this domain name I tell them that this is how we can hear a 5 watt signal from beyond the orbit of Pluto. Your work sounds like “Xtreme” magnetotellurics. Now I really want to hear about it.

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