What’s this Stacked Thing?

What is the best way to get rid of random noise? There is no other way than to repeat your message, over and over. If you keep track of a time index, you can sum the repeats together. When you do that, the coherent message-containing component of the signal remains constant, but the rest of the signal that is truly *random* noise, will inherently cancel itself when summed together. The message stays constant while the random noise around the message fades away….with each repetition. In my former reflection seismology & geophysicist career, the process of summing repeated received signals, along with its required normalization and other shaping prerequisites, is nicknamed “stacking”.

I’m Geoffrey Morris, and this is my personal website.2012Oct13_0699
I’ll be spouting about tech, management, human behavior, wry observations, and anything else that comes to mind here. Mostly the genius and idiocy of doing things with computers, big and small. Meanwhile, here’s my resume – My LinkedIn profile

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